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Improving your smile includes effective sleep apnea prevention and treatment care. Sleep apnea has many causes and risk factors that can produce the disorder. However, it must be effectively treated to help lower your risk of suffering further problems. If sleep apnea goes untreated, it can lead to high blood pressure, stroke and even heart failure.

To protect your smile from various oral health risks such a sleep apnea disorder, you will need to make sure that you are constantly monitoring symptoms and preventing risk factors from developing. If sleep apnea begins to develop, you’ll be at an increased risk for depression, diabetes, irregular heartbeats, or heart attack or high blood pressure. Because of the severity of risks associated with sleep apnea, it needs to be treated as soon as possible.

Common treatments for sleep apnea include adjustments in your sleeping habits so that you’re not sleeping on your back. Furthermore, you can visit your dentist for an oral appliance or device to help open your airways and support your jaw. The use of a continuous positive airway pressure device, also known as a CPAP, can be used to help supply air through your nasal passages. If your airway is restricted, surgery may be required.

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