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“I had suffered severe vertigo, dizziness and TMJ disorder with chronic neck, shoulder and back pain for months before I came to see Dr. Bennett. I was very hesitant to commit because of the large amount of monetary investment involved and was also skeptical that just 2 simple “oral appliances” can really solve my complex issues. After a month of treatment, I started to feel better and when I graduated from the program 4 months later, I was almost 99% pain free and zero episodes of vertigo and dizziness. Dr. Bennett is a great doctor; very knowledgeable and patient. Donna and Adrianna are wonderful, helping and caring.”      Shirley T.

“When I first came to an appointment, I was in the dark and frustrated with pain. The treatment and explanations I received from Donna and Adrianna were very professional and friendly. Dr. Bennett exemplified all the qualities I wish all doctors had – thoroughness, curiosity, detailed descriptions, pertinent questions and the ability to listen. Not only have I improved as far as symptoms of TMJ, but I have received the ongoing knowledge that I may trust medical treatment from your clinic in the future. Thank you for everything you have done for me in a caring and professional setting.”   Barbara N. 

“I had constant jaw pain for years but didn’t seek help until I had trouble opening my jaw wide enough to brush my teeth.  My dentist’s partner treats TMJ and his diagnosis for treatment was TENS therapy followed by two years of orthotics with the possibility of braces at the end of the 2 years.  Total treatment time of 2 1/2 plus years.  Dr. Bennett stated that most likely my problem would be corrected in less than 6 months.  I was out of my daily orthotics in 4 months with no more pain.  He is a true specialist in TMJ issues and I would highly recommend him to anyone dealing with jaw pain.  His staff was wonderful throughout my visits.  Thank you all.”     Stacey K.

“I was skeptical about coming here for my visit.  I had lived with jaw pain for almost 8 months and didn’t think I would ever find relief.  After one visit with Dr. Bennett, I was instantly at ease.  He is a wonderful doctor who really knows his stuff and cares about his patients.  After almost 4 months of treatment, my jaw pain and all other symptoms are significantly improved and I have never been so relieved and grateful.”     Kaitlyn P. 

“Dr. Chase Bennett has changed my life with his treatment of my jaw pain.  I went to an orthodontist originally who said the treatment would be braces for 18 months with a $6,000 price tag and he could not guarantee that my pain would go away.  I felt like I had no choice but to try it until my sister who is a dental hygienist told me to get another opinion.  I am so glad I did!  The time and money it took to treat my pain was a fraction of what the orthodontist had recommended.  I was impressed by Dr. Bennett’s transparency and honesty about the whole procedure and I was particularly impressed by his availability via email for any questions I had at any time.  I am absolutely thrilled to recommend Dr. Bennett to anyone who is having jaw pain.  His staff is awesome too!  Thank you Dr. Bennett!”     Brooke P. 

“I was suffering from overall head and jaw pain.  The office staff is very caring and professional, and very dedicated to helping patients with quality treatment.  I would recommend Dr. Bennett and his team to ANYONE experiencing ANY craniofacial pain.”    Linda T. 

“I have had left ear congestion and pain for over 20 years that was only relieved by having ear tubes placed.  The last 8 years the tubes have had to be replaced every 3 or 4 months. I was referred to an ear specialist in Englewood several months ago.  After a few visits the specialist suggest the problem might be TMJ.  I have seen Dr. Bennett for the past 3 to 4 months and have been very satisfied with the results of his treatment.  The pain is completely gone. Thank you Dr. Bennett and staff.”   Janiece B. 

“When I first came to the Craniofacial Pain Center, I couldn’t sleep, had migraines and the worst lock jaw problems.  Now I sleep sound and have NO pain, not to mention the staff are all wonderful!  If you have any jaw problems, come to Craniofacial Pain Center ASAP!”  Aleandra P.

“My symptoms were quite specific.  Intense pain in my lower jaw.  My only relief came by putting pressure there with my finger.  On examination, Dr. Bennett recognized my problem as a result of nocturnal jaw pressure and fitted me with an oral appliance.  I have been completely pain free for over a month.  I am satisfied absolutely with my care and recommend Dr. Bennett without hesitation.”     Velma D. 

“When I first came in for treatment I was in a lot of pain. I could barely open my mouth without a lot of pain in my jaw area. Now after treatment with both upper and lower mouth appliances I am happy to say that the pain has subsided almost 100% and I can open my mouth to a normal standard. The staff are exceptional, helpful and caring. Highly recommend CPC if you have TMJ.”     Debi P. 

“I came in March with extreme jaw pain that effected my sleep and my daily living. After a few months of treatment I noticed my jaw pain improved.I had no more ringing in my ears, constant headaches, or sleepless nights. The staff is amazing and very friendly. I recommend Craniofacial Pain Center to anyone who has been suffering severe jaw pain and sleepless nights.”    Lauren K. 

“Craniofacial Pain Center was the 7th place I had seen for my chronic facial pain. I’ll admit being skeptical of CPC and as to whether their treatment would work but after 18 months of constant pain on the left side of my face I was ready to try anything. The treatment worked. I was not the easiest person to deal with because my appliances drove me batty but I stuck with it. Now, I’m weaning out of my appliances, my face hasn’t hurt for months and I can smile and mean it. Thank you Craniofacial Pain Center, for relieving my pain.”          Kathryn Q. 

“Came into the office with jaw locking, popping and pain. The office staff was super friendly and easy to work with and talk to. After getting fitted and receiving my appliances my jaw instantly felt better with less pain and no locking and popping. Such a relief! Great experience, so worth it!”    Katherine H. 

” When I first came in I had terrible jaw pain and noises keeping me up at night causing headaches and problems eating. They figured out what was wrong quickly and began to treat it fast, the staff is always nice and genuinely cares for you. I have healed very very fast with there help. My recommendation to anyone is to come in sooner than later.          Patricia M. 

“I had popping and locking on the left side, with quite a bit of pain and discomfort while chewing, eating and yawning. I am 100% pain free and all the symptoms have gone away from wearing both my day and night appliances. I would recommend this center to anyone with a jaw problem. The staff are personable and caring. I would recommend getting help while you can before it gets worse!”   Stephanie A. 

“When I first started treatment I could not open my mouth very wide. It was painful to chew food and I could not eat very much at the time. My jaw was in constant pain and I could not even yawn. The doctors and staff are very knowledgeable, friendly and understanding. This journey has not only been long, but difficult and even discouraging at times. I can now yawn and eat without pain, thanks to the staff for positive encouragement. I highly recommend Craniofacial Pain Center of Colorado.”   Stephanie 

“Since coming to Craniofacial Pain Center, my symptoms have dramatically decreased and my jaw has significantly improved. Before coming my jaw was locking and popping and now the symptoms are almost unnoticeable. I would recommend that anyone with pain or discomfort contact the office soon.”    Christina R. 

“With my oral sleep apnea appliance I have been able to sleep much better at night. My husband doesn’t wake me at night to turn over to stop my snoring! The CPAP machine was a problem in the past because it would slide to the side of my face and my husband would wake me to adjust it. The staff has been wonderful helping me and I would recommend this office to friends and family.”      Linda S.

“Dr. Bennett is amazing! He not only treated my jaw pain he also determined I had sleep apnea and sleep issues. I had tried many treatments in the past and Dr. Bennett and Dr. Smith are the only ones that have cured my jaw pain, snoring and migraines.”    J. Thomas

“Its very difficult to thank Dr. Bennett in just a review. I’d like to thank the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of San Diego for their superior patient care. My pain was taken seriously. Dr Bennett’s extensive knowledge treated the sources of my pain. Thanks a million Dr Bennett.”     Hessa A.

“Through Dr. Bennett’s thorough and carefully planned therapy and the assistance of the wonderful staff at TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre, I’m now well rested in the morning, able to face the day without feeling dragged down from lack of sleep.”     Melissa Q.

“I wanted to explain the HUGE difference the treatment I have received has made in my life. I had 3-4 headaches, per day, and shoulder, neck, and jaw pain for 20 years until I started treatment with the TMJ Therapy Center. Braces have been part of my treatment and I have noticed a big change in my level of pain since about a month into to the treatment. I have virtually no jaw, neck, or shoulder pain anymore and only get about one – two headaches a month as opposed to three to four every day. Life is much better when it is pain-free. I am so grateful to the staff at TMJ because this treatment has improved my quality of life so much and the whole staff is friendly and helpful.”           Jeannette M.

“Dr. Bennett has literally been a lifesaver! He has fixed my jaw and has spent time getting to know my needs and problems, and has referred me to the best doctors to help my non-TMJ problems. I highly recommend him and his office! They’re a great team!”    Brittany B.

“I have had a very good experience every single appointment I have had with Dr. Bennett and the staff at the office. I’ve never had to wait long once I’ve checked in and I have always felt like the staff has my best interest as foremost priority.”     Carolyn I.

“For two years I suffered with pan in one tooth. My dentist told me it was my imagination because he could find nothing wrong with it. For the last year, I suffered with constant aching and pain in my jaw. Within one week of beginning treatment by wearing the day time and night time appliances, I was virtually pain free. I also didn’t realize that I had sleep issues. I thought being tired was normal for getting up early and working a stressful job. I had no idea how tired I was until I began using the night time appliance. I had been living my life tired for so long it was normal to me. I now spend less time sleeping and wake feeling refreshed and energetic. I would recommend treatment to anyone who wants to be relieved of their pain and sleep the way we were meant to sleep.”     Cindy F.

“I went from intense pain to no pain in less than 6 months using technique that didn’t require surgery. I am a believer in this clinic and will forever be grateful for the treatment and care they have provided. Thank you for everything you all have done!”      Alaa R.

“I live in Indiana and have coordinated my orthodontic treatment with Dr. Bennett from across the country due to his level of expertise. He has individualized my treatment to ensure he is treating the origin of my problems rather that just symptoms.”     Daniel K.