Craniofacial Pain Center Of Colorado is home to two excellent, highly experienced doctors who are recognized around the world for their knowledge and skill.

chase-bennettDr. Chase Bennett

Dr. Chase Bennett graduated from the University of Oklahoma School of Dentistry with special distinction. Under the direction of its distinguished program founder, Dr. Noshir Mehta, Dr. Bennett completed an externship at the renowned Craniofacial Pain Center at Tufts University School of Dentistry. He was also the youngest dentist to have achieved Diplomate status in the fields of Craniofacial Pain and Sleep Disordered Breathing. Currently, Dr. Chase Bennett lectures nationally and is involved in various research projects on the topics of Craniofacial Pain and Sleep Disorders. He is also the Director of Apnea & Breathing Clinic in San Diego.

Together they make an unparalleled team and Craniofacial Pain Center Of Colorado is proud to be the home of such outstanding, ground breaking and accredited doctors.


Dr. James Bieneman
Dr. Bieneman earned his Bachelor’s of Science Degree from Indiana University with honors in Business. After graduating with his doctorate in Dental Surgery from Indiana University School of Dentistry, Dr. James Bieneman has continued to refine his skills and expertise through countless post-graduate courses to provide patients like you with the standard of care you deserve.

Through his dedication to post-graduate education, Dr. Bieneman can treat patients in need of routine care and those requiring advanced treatments like orthodontics or sleep apnea alike. Currently, Dr. Bieneman has completed continuing education courses in a variety of topics such as Sleep Apnea, Orthodontics, TMJ and Frenectomies. As a result, patients like you visit a dentist in Denver that provides comprehensive care that meets your needs.

In his spare time, Dr. Bieneman enjoys hiking, camping, skiing, running, traveling, cooking and exercising.