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Do you know what the functions of a temporomandibular joint are? Did you know that they are extremely important for a variety of functions in your mouth and face? However, due to the complex nature of the joints, also called TMJs, they can be easily damaged and the cause of pain ranging all over your head, including some potential headaches.

A TMJ is the ball and socket joint on either side of your jaw that facilitates the movement of the jaw and our mouth. With the help of ligaments, connective tissues, and bone, your TMJ can allow your mouth to open and close and allows you to move your mouth at a multitude of angles for chewing food and improving speaking abilities.

However, if a TMJ becomes damaged, it can have a domino effect and cause problems everywhere. A TMJ disorder can be complex given the amount of parts required for it to work correctly, but there are some remedies that can help. If you experience pain, you should try using a heat pack, and if inflammation occurs, an ice pack may be a better choice. If jaw pain persists, speak with your dentist to schedule a checkup to see if you have a TMJ disorder.

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