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What is the proper function of a temporomandibular joint? A temporomandibular joint, also called a TMJ, is the ball-and-socket joints in your jaw responsible for the movement of the jaw. This movement is essential for speech and eating habits. However, due to the complex nature of the joints, it can be easily hurt, resulting in a temporomandibular joint disorder, also called a TMD.

If you experience any sort of tightness or pain, heat packs are a welcome remedy. For inflammation and swelling, ice packs are extremely helpful. Although your TMJ disorder may be a standalone incident, other disorders can trigger it. If you suffer from bruxism, which is a sleep disorder caused by grinding and clenching your teeth at night as you sleep, it can harm your jaw even further.

One of the main triggers of TMJ disorders is the presence of stress. Although stress can be hard to control, there are a few remedies that can help. Try relaxing with calming treatments such as calming music, yoga, and biofeedback. If none of these work for you, meditation is also a great idea. Keeping your body stress free will help prevent further problems from invading your oral health care.

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