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Are you familiar with common causes of TMJ disorders and how they arise? A TMJ disorder, also known as a temporomandibular joint disorder, is a condition in which the joints in your jaw are damaged. Due to the complex nature of your TMJs, it is important to make sure that you always look for any signs and symptoms of damage and minimize risks to keep your smile safe.

Your TMJs facilitate the movement of your jaw, so if for any reason they are damaged, it can lead to problems with your entire facial structure. To help prevent issues that commonly arise in connection with TMJ disorders, be aware of common causes, including bruxism, arthritis, misalignments with your teeth and jaw or bad habits that can lead to further jaw damage.

If you should ever suffer a TMJ disorder, it is important to visit our doctor so various treatments can be administered. Beyond looking for techniques and treatments to strengthen your jaw, including the use of jaw exercises, a diet with softer foods or meditative therapies, heat and ice packs can help to minimize discomfort and inflammation as well as night guards or bite plates to alleviate pressure associated with a TMJ disorder.

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